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AGU requires that Supporting Information text, figures, all captions, and small tables be included in one PDF file. Large data tables, animations, sound files and other data files should be uploaded separately in their native format (preferably .xlsx or .csv for tables). Supporting Information should not include discussion or key analysis.

For the main file, authors should download and make use of our Supporting Information template, available in Microsoft Word and Latex . (The LaTeX template download consists of a zip file that contains the .tex file and a supporting information class file that is necessary for compiling and output pdf.) Please upload the final PDF, not the original source version (Word or LaTeX), when submitting your template file. An example of a completed template is here .

Microsoft Word template is here

How to Submit Supporting Information

Supporting information files should be submitted to AGU using the GEMS system at the time of manuscript submission. Please use the Supporting Information template for text, small tables, captions, and figures and convert this to a PDF. Data tables and other files should be uploaded separately, but they should be referred to in the table of contents, and their captions should be included at the end of the template file. Please see our Data Policy for more information on referencing data in AGU publications.

Movies, animations, downloadable data tables, large data sets, calculation worksheets, and three-dimensional models must be uploaded separately, but referred to in the table of contents, and captions added to the template file. In some cases it may be necessary to use FTP instead of GEMS. Please see our Miss Black Miss Black Shayne Heeled Courts Yellow cheap amazing price many kinds of popular sale online LYkfdr1
for more information on referencing data in AGU publications. References in supporting information should also be cited in the main text and included in the reference list of the main paper so that they will be discovered, linked, and indexed. A separate list in the supporting information is not necessary. Reference text does not count toward length limits.

Data Policy

If you are unable to upload your files to GEMS, Sperry Mens Leeward 2Eye Perf Navy cheap authentic clearance cost fashion Style cheap online obmDUiruP
for advice and/or FTP instructions.

email your journal editorial office

Please note that all supporting information will be peer reviewed with your manuscript. Please remember that all publishing policies, including plagiarism and dual and prior publication, apply to supporting information.

What is Considered Supporting Information?

The purpose of the supporting information is to enable authors to provide and archive supporting information such as data tables, method information, figures, video, or computer software, in digital formats so that other scientists can use it.

More Songs About Error And Shame

by Peripheral Vision

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JUNO-nominated Canadian jazz quartet, Peripheral Vision launches their fourth album, More Songs About Error And Shame. "A rules-breaking quartet made up of some of the best modern players around" (CBC), Peripheral Vision extends their no-holds-barred performance aesthetic into the production concept on this album. Once again, they have teamed up with mad-scientist engineer, Jean Martin (Barnyard Records) to orchestrate a bigger sound for the record, adding layers of overdubs and studio treatments to the live-off-the-floor recordings. Peripheral Vision has always been a live show band, and the seven new Herring and Scott originals on More Songs About Error And Shame show what can be gained from years of touring, including three recent tours throughout Europe as well as many trips across Canada. Co-leaders Michael Herring (bass) and Don Scott (guitar) delve into their own neurotic psyches, finding inspiration not only in music, but also in art, literature and standup comedy. The album title is a reference to the iconic album by famously neurotic band, Talking Heads, and this cross genre nod is indicative of how they like to mix genres and themes, blending classic and modern jazz, the rock music of their youth, and non-musical influences such as the Catalonian artist Miró, and British comedian ... Stewart Lee. This is a working band with a long-time rapport - Herring and Scott have been joined by drummer Nick Fraser and tenor saxophonist Trevor Hogg since the band’s inception in 2008. Peripheral Vision is fuelled by this long-time musical friendship, bringing years of tour van talks about music and life to the stage and studio, and this dynamic group interaction creates the provocative sound of More Songs About Error And Shame. more
released February 4, 2018 The recording was made possible through a grant from the Ontario Arts Council Produced by Michael Herring and Don Scott with Jean Martin Recorded at Canterbury Studios by Jeremy Darby Mixing Additional Recording at the Farm by Jean Martin Mastered by Fedge Art Design by Howie Shia Leo Shia © 2018 Don Scott Michael Herring (SOCAN)
all rights reserved


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Peripheral Vision Toronto, Ontario

One of the big differences between Paleo and the typical modern diet is the amount of polyunsaturated fat, or PUFA. Basically, the modern diet has way too much PUFA, and also an imbalance between the two main types of PUFA, Omega-3 and Omega-6 .

the modern diet has way too much PUFA, and also an imbalance between the two main types of PUFA, Omega-3 and Omega-6

OK, but what does that mean? Even people who have eaten Paleo for a while aren’t always totally clear, so here’s a look at…

What the Heck is PUFA?

(For Paleo Leap members, there’s also a cheat sheet to break all of this down visually, if you’d rather learn that way! Log in or sign up .)

A little bit of background: there are three main types of fat. When you eat butter or olive oil or the fat trimmed off a steak, you’re eating some combination of…

(There are a few very minor other types, but we’re keeping it simple for now and these are the big ones).

Some fatty foods are almost completely one type (e.g. coconut oil is 87% saturated). Others are much more mixed (e.g. bacon fat is about 39% saturated, 45% monounsaturated, and 11% polyunsaturated). Hepburnette Beige Ballerinas clearance newest sneakernews sale online buy cheap very cheap ZbuSnEGf
showing some common Paleo cooking fats and which types of fat they provide.

If you look at that infographic carefully, you’ll notice something: all the fats are pretty low in PUFA. There are plenty of high-PUFA fats in this world. Crisco. Soybean oil. Corn oil. Canola oil. “Vegetable oil.” Margarine. But none of them are Paleo, because the last thing we all need in our diets is more PUFA.

The basic difference between these three types of fat is the way they’re structured. Without going into all the biology-nerd details, the structure of PUFAs makes them chemically unstable .

the structure of PUFAs makes them chemically unstable

More specifically, PUFAs are very vulnerable to damage from heat, light, and oxygen . If they’re damaged by heat, light, and/or oxygen (for example, if they’re used as frying oil over and over again, or just left out in a clear bottle on the shelf for months in a supermarket), they can get oxidized .

vulnerable to damage from heat, light, and oxygen oxidized

Oxidized fats are dangerous because they’re inflammatory . Steve Madden Mens Remote Sneaker Olive manchester great sale online 100% guaranteed cheap price 0NCXOPNu
, and inflammation contributes to just about every chronic disease you could name, including heavy-hitters like obesity and diabetes. For example, Melissa Womens Kazakova Mary Jane Flats Beige/Light Brown how much outlet pay with visa wiki cheap online 2015 cheap price clearance factory outlet QwJvV
, researchers oxidized some soybean oil by heating it up a bunch of times. Then they fed it to rats. The oxidized soybean oil caused inflammation, which raised the rats’ blood pressure and contributed to hypertension. Want another example? This study found that oxidized PUFAs were at the heart of liver damage and Type 2 Diabetes in children with obesity. Drugs that reduce the level of oxidized PUFAs improve liver health.

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